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Yes ,is by the gummies, Is my fav candy.
Dec 1, 2020 by Trululu Gumdrops
Oh!! Nice video!  I also killed the Community and I don't drop anything good,  would be interesting to know if it drops any kind of rare or valuable item.
Nov 29, 2020 by Oriibsz
Congratz on the 5000 points man, well deserved! I used your picture of the Isle of Merriment map in my thumbnail in my new video btw, so thanks again for that ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFZrZ5_LFsQ&ab_channel=DreamWarden
Nov 29, 2020 by Dream Warden
Thanks Jaddd s2
Nov 29, 2020 by Oriibsz
GTZ!!!!   5000!
Nov 29, 2020 by jad selley
Thanks you Little!
Nov 29, 2020 by Oriibsz
Congratz on 5000 !
Nov 29, 2020 by anonymous
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