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I've just found out that one of my posts has received a down-vote from someone. Why did someone down-vote my post? What are the consequences? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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First of all, don't worry too much about the down-votes. They are not as scary as they sound. There are no negative implications for your account, other than a loss of a few reputation points. They are also not carved in stone - you can usually revise your post, make it better, and the down-vote may be removed, or even replaced with an up-vote.

Your post could have been down-voted for various reasons. It might be unclear, poorly-written, incorrect, incomplete, or have any other problems that caused a community-member to cast a down-vote. Users who earned enough reputation points are allowed to down-vote posts whenever they feel the post in its current state is not useful to the community. A down-vote is a signal to the author of the post, that an improvement is needed in their post. See also When to up-vote and down-vote posts?

So what can be done to fix it? If you haven't reviewed our guides on

they can already steer you in the right direction. Check if your post follows those guidelines and attempt to improve it if needed.

We also highly encourage all community members who cast a down-vote to help a user improve their posts by posting a comment that explains the cause of a down-vote. If there's no such comment, you can politely ask for an explanation of a down-vote under your post, and either the person that down-voted or anyone else on the TibiaQA community will help you improve it.

If you have reviewed the guidelines and you cannot hear from anyone under the post that received a down-vote, you are also free to ask the community to help you improve the post via asking a question on Meta TibiaQA. Explain that your post received a down-vote and you don't know what's wrong with it or how it can be improved. Our experienced users will gladly review the post and help!

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That's the most frustrating, when you don't get any feedback. Please please give feedback
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I really liked this post. I myself used to always explain my downvotes. The guides will help you a lot if you got a downvote and cannot figure alone why it happened!