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Basically the question on the topic, Can you get more than one Omniscient Owl from the contribution System? For now the Points needed are 5000, if you reach 10k points are you allow to exchange the points for another Owl?

Thanks in advance.

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first of all, you don't "exchange" reputation points for the prize. Omniscient Owl is given as a reward when users reach 5000 reputation points. This is a one time prize, meaning that you don't get a second one after reaching 10000 points. Also, you will not receive Omniscient Owl by creating multiple user accounts and reaching 5000 points on each of them.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for clearing the air about this. Also, just a little typo in Omniscient Owl*
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Great thanks for clarify this! As a suggestion you maybe can add this information on the "Fansite Item Information", I believe could help others if they have this doubt!
Once again, thanks.