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Under the "How to provide good answers" section of the Help Center (https://www.tibiaqa.com/answering-how-to-answer) there is no mention of videos. I was wondering if someone were to ask "What is the best route to hunt a spawn to maximize exp?" Would answering saying "This is the route I use to make 999kk/hr" and including a link to the video be an acceptable answer? Or the same thing often comes up when asking about spawns to unlock bestiary creatures. Is including a link to the video of the spawn with details on how to unlock the creature acceptable?

I try to avoid it but I sometimes see people asking about stuff (bestiary generally) that I have whole videos dedicated to on YouTube. Is this an issue in self promotion if I post links to my own content? Some answers could be as simple as "I recommend this spawn and it will take this x hours to complete, here is a video showing of how it is done"

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The problem with links to videos is that the videos themselves exist on an external site and can be taken down at any time. In that case, the answer becomes silently broken without us knowing about it.

For this reason, we don't treat posts such as "Your answer is here: <LINK>" as valid. Links to videos and other resources are fine and desired, but they need to exist with either a text explaining the answer or an image uploaded directly to TibiaQA (not a linked image).

In other words, if we were to strip all the links from the answer, it still needs to make sense.

Hope this helps!
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That makes sense. So for example, if someone asked for a route in a hunting spawn we would include a map with an arrow drawn on it or something, plus the link to the video showing the actual process?
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Yes, that would be perfectly fine
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Makes sense to me, thanks!
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Heya. What about it the video is create just for the answer and content for Tibia QA there a possibility to be saved on the YouTube channel of Tibia QA?
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That would be an option, I guess... but then I'd have to manually upload such videos to the TibiaQA YT channel each time someone wants to answer a question that way. If there wasn't too high demand to do that, I think we could consider it (I guess we would also want to add embedded videos then)
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I can't speak for Ellotris the Admin, but here's my opinion- As long as you include the important details in your answer (maybe including pictures) I personally see no problem with it.

I know there's actually an interesting question on TibiaQA that would make things easier when it comes to videos- Possibility to post embed videos by FPoPP He used to post a lot of videos in his answers, which I find all his videos helpful that I was able to watch and I think it really adds to the answer. To make a video or to share one for that matter really tells a lot about the person because they want to help the community.

The issue with me is I'm out in the country and have the best internet for my area. However, my internet can't handle YouTube videos when someone else is using the internet for gaming. So I prefer pictures or reading rather than watching videos if others are using the internet. And maybe it would be a nice idea to include that videos are welcome (hopefully) in the section, just for clarification! :)

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