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Hello everyone.

Since today on, users that have reached at least 300 points will start seeing less advertisements on TibiaQA. Only the less intrusive ads may still be displayed. The general rule is that those users should only see ads after all relevant content (eg. after a complete list of questions or after all answers). There shouldn't be any distracting ads in the sidebars or between the posted content.

This improvement is yet another "thank you" that we want to give to our users contributing to TibiaQA.

If despite reaching 300 points you are still seeing intrusive ads, let us know in this topic. Specify the place you are seeing the ad, or best, attach a screenshot.

Best regards
TibiaQA.com team

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I think the user need understand the price of a website at the end if you really like the website and the place, you cannot had problems with ads to help to pay the maintenance, updates...
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