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Hey I noticed now I have more ads on the website lately. I know at x amount of points you get less third party advertisements. Did the ads change recently? If not, what is the difference before and after reaching this status?
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Hey, shawtay. Nothing about ads has changed recently, although like 2 weeks ago we were testing another ads format. In general, users with 300pts+ should only be seeing ads AFTER the relevant content (e.g. no ads between a question and answers, no ads in between top widgets on the right-hand side, no ads inside a question list). If you are seeing ads in those places could you post a screenshot? Or let us know what are the places where you haven't seen ads before. You can also compare with the ads when you log out of your account.
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Oh, I noticed on my mobile I have ads on the bottom logged in/out and on my computer I have no ads at all logged in/out. Probably has to do with my settings or something. On my mobile, the ads are always listed on the bottom no matter where I am (inside a question, browsing tags, etc... but not interfering with the website)

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