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Hello TibiaQA users!

We are happy to announce the fourth edition of our Winter Lottery event! Every active user of TibiaQA participates!

Event rules

  • The event runs from 26. November 2021 00:01 CET, until 26. December 2021 23:59 CET
  • All TibiaQA registered users with confirmed e-mail addresses participate in the event
  • All users that were active for at least 5 days (UTC time) during the mentioned period will be automatically enrolled in the lottery
  • A user is considered active if they have done at least one of the following actions on TibiaQA.com: posting a question, posting an answer, or posting a comment (activity on meta.tibiaqa.com is not tracked and considered)
  • Content that goes against the Help Center guide and content that brings absolutely no value (eg. "nice question", "me too") can be removed without notice and will not be considered
  • All users that qualified for the lottery will be announced 30. December 2021 at the latest, together with the link to the lottery on tibiopedia.pl/tools/lottery
  • The lottery will be scheduled to draw on 1. January 2022 20:00 CET
  • Winners will be available on tibiopedia.pl/tools/lottery  in the provided link and will also be announced on TibiaQA.com


The top 5 places in the lottery will receive the following prizes:

  1. Omniscient Owl
  2. Rune emblem of choice + Santa Backpack
  3. Rune emblem of choice
  4. Rune emblem of choice
  5. Rune emblem of choice

Good luck!
The TibiaQA.com team

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Good Luck Everyone Guys ;)
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Best of Luck to everyone!!
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Good luck everyone, but I'm going to win this owl beauty

- Amby
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no way bro , its my owl :)))

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Great! Good luck to all of the participants.
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Very exciting, good luck!

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Oh $%$#& heres my BL again XD
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you cannot be worse than me, so your chances automatically rises up! xD
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i knew i had to save all my arsenal of questions for a moment, that moment have arrived! thanks for the event hope this could bring a bit more vitality, clever answers and resourceful improvements to our intrguing questions!
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Awesome thanks for the contest!
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Omg i can't wait!! GL to all!!! RNG u can do it hehe
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o, its time for my 3rd owl :> lol

good luck guys <3
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Good luck for all!
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