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Hello, TibiaQA community!

It's already been four years since TibiaQA saw its very first question posted. A lot has changed during this time - the site evolved, more tools became available, multiple contests were held, we became Supported, and later on Promoted Tibia Fansite. All of this wouldn't be possible without you - our users, maintainers, question authors, moderators, and experts, who are more than willing to provide their knowledge. One thing that hasn't changed is our mission - to become the biggest and most reliable source of Tibia information!

In order to celebrate the fourth anniversary, we have traditionally prepared an infographic that summarizes this year of TibiaQA. Enjoy!

TibiaQA.com team

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I honestly vastly underestimated results like this! Great job! Happy New Year! And may next year be even better!
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Happy Holidays and Birthday to TibiaQA! I love how the Infographic came out this year :) Thanks for the unique and lovely fansite. I enjoy being a part of it.  ps- I wonder what the "other" device is

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You know... fridge, washing machine, printer... or maybe simply a smartwatch or a tablet ;)
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I bet its you on your smartwatch :o
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I really like this infographic, especially when i'm in XD

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Happy Holidays and Birthday to TibiaQA!

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