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Hello everyone,

Our old Get Started guide was revamped and expanded to form the brand new Help Center!

Help Center is meant to be a single place for all of the users to learn how to make the best use of the site, discover its features, get insights into expected behavior, and more! Whenever in doubt, the Help Center should provide input on how the site and TibiaQA community should develop.

The Help Center is not (and probably never will be) complete. It contains the most crucial info and guides and should answer/link the most common questions. It will be updated as needed (hopefully frequently). You are welcome to contribute/suggest any content to the Help Center as well. Simply make a new Meta post with your contribution so it can be reviewed.

Are there any topics that are not there yet, and should be covered? What would you expect to find in the Help Center? I'm looking for all of your feedback on how we can improve it.


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Little tips on votes (Questions and Answers) like:

Example on Answers

Remember upvote when:

1. The information is complete

2. The information is useful

3. The information is updated

Remember downvote when:

1. The information is wrong

2. The information is useless

3.The information is outdate
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