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It useless hidden who upvote/downvote is better known to the person who receive it, why hide it?

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I agree. I would like to see the users that are voting on my thread (if it can't be showed to public, I would like to see it privately, at least)
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not sure at all of that , some people will downvote other people just because he got downvote for another one , and it must be anonymous depending on the content value.
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There are multiple reasons why this may not be a good idea. People may be less willing to vote (especially downvote) when they know their vote is visible. We do not want to discourage downvoting as it is a part of this website and the scoring/reputation system that needs to remain healthy. We would also want to avoid situations where users start downvoting someone, just because they have received a downvote from them. Moreover, users that downvoted could be chased on this site (or even in the game) with questions/threats to retract their vote.

We think it is a good practice for users that downvoted to post a comment on what could be improved, but we don't want to enforce anything.
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An option can be, before you down vote you need provide some feedback. This help to correct the problem and revert the vote.
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I agree..I don't like the idea of the unknown :P
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