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It is an honor to say that Violetissime will be joining our team as a new community moderator! Violetissime contributed a lot of high-quality content to TibiaQA and will continue to ensure that our questions and answers are always top class!

Violetissime, as soon as you reply to this topic with a copy of the Moderator Agreement, I'll assign the position.

Please give a warm welcome to Violetissime!
The TibiaQA.com team

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Wew, grats violet.

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The agreement

I acknowledge and agree that as a moderator for TibiaQA.com I will abide by the Help Center guides, and other policies made available to me.

I acknowledge that as a moderator for TibiaQA.com I will receive an access to a variety of moderation tools and agree to use them only for improving TibiaQA.com the best to my knowledge and in accordance with TibiaQA.com guides and policies.

I agree to follow and actively participate on Meta TibiaQA to keep track of any announcements and to assist other users with their questions and issues.

I acknowledge that I will have access to potentially sensitive information about TibiaQA.com and its users and that in connection with such access: I will not disclose this information to anyone, I will not store or copy this information, and I will use such information in connection with TibiaQA.com moderation tasks exclusively.

I acknowledge and agree that I am an independent volunteer moderator to TibiaQA.com and my privileges and rights as a moderator may be terminated at any time without warning.

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Hip hip hooray!
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Yaayy!!! ^.^
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Congratulations on your promotion :) Good luck!
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Thank you Daisy :)
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Thanks FFoPP :)
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Nice option to add to the staff.