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Hello TibiaQA users!

Even though it's still quite some time until Christmas, we already want to invite you to the Christmas Lottery. The event is directed to the active users of TibiaQA.com.

Event rules

  • The event runs from 23. November 00:01 CET, until 15. December 23:59 CET
  • All TibiaQA registered users with confirmed e-mail address participate in the event
  • All users that were active for at least five days during the mentioned period will be automatically enrolled in the lottery
  • A user is considered active if they have done at least one of the following actions on TibiaQA.com: posting a question, an answer or a comment; voting; flagging post (activity on meta.tibiaqa.com is not tracked)
  • Content that goes against the Get Started guide can be removed without further notice
  • Content that brings absolutely no value (eg. "nice question") can be removed without further notice
  • All the users that qualified for the lottery will be announced on 16. December 2018 together with the link to the lottery on TibiaLottery.com
  • The lottery will be scheduled to draw on 18. December 2018 20:00 CET
  • The winners list will be available on TibiaLottery.com in the provided link and will also be announced on TibiaQA.com


The top 4 places in the lottery will receive the following prizes:

  1. Rune emblem of choice + 100 Tibia Coins
  2. Rune emblem of choice + 50 Tibia Coins
  3. Rune emblem of choice + Santa backpack
  4. Rune emblem of choice

Good luck and have fun!

TibiaQA.com team

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great contest,  hope I will win something!!
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want to win hehe
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Doesn't matter if the vote is on a comment, answer or question, right?

Oh and as we can understand by the rules, the five days does not need to be necessarily consecutive, right?

On the next contest that you may organize, I would like to suggest an extra lottery ticket for people being active on 10 days in a row or something similar to that. That would really help the website activity :)
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It doesn't matter if the vote is on a comment, question or an answer - all of them count. The five days do not have to be consecutive. Any five days during the event period.

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Awesome contest! I will tell my brother to participate on this! I guess I can convince him to return to Tibia :)

The activity will be measured on tibiaqa.com right? Activity on the meta will not be considered, I suppose?
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Thanks for raising this! Activity on meta.tibiaqa.com indeed won't be considered for the contest. I've made it explicit in the event rules.
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Yes this event is so interesting
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4 winners :D thats really nice!
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like XD gogoogo
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Cool, i never win but lets give it a try
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We'll see   xD
I also want this rune
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That is a really nice thing to do ! Hope there'll be alot of people participating ! ^^
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