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The lottery was drawn and we have our four winners!


1Raven BranwenRune emblem of choice + 100 Tibia Coins
2LuckydevilRune emblem of choice + 50 Tibia Coins
3shawtayRune emblem of choice + Santa backpack
4Zdzisiek28Rune emblem of choice

Winners, please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with the character name and the game world of that character, to indicate where you would like to receive your prizes. Please also include your choice of the rune emblem. Only e-mails from the address that is assigned to your user account on TibiaQA will be accepted!


closed with the note: The contest is over and the prizes have been sent

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Congrats to the winners ! this time lucky wasnt on my side :(
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Lol at luckydevil winning 2nd place haha I'm sorry you didn't :( Maybe next time?
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o.o I can’t believe it!!!! 

it can be any char? or only the one it is on my profile?

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Any character. The only requirement is that you send me the name of this character using the e-mail address that is assigned to your TibiaQA account
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ok... email sent :D
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Congrats to the winners! 100% never lucky :v

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don’t say that u are lucky!!! You just doesn’t had much luck this time... :/
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Awesome, I'll email you guys in a moment ! :) I'm so happy I kept checking but at work this site was blocked and so was Tibia.com because it's considered a game soo no fun at work but happy to come home to this thanks so much.
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Update: I just sent my email! Thanks :)
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haha, can't believe that, finally i've won something :D thank you <3 and congratz for all the winners.
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Congrats to you too!!!
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Congratz... :D
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Congratulations to the winners!
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When the prizes will be given??
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I've forwarded the prize choices of the winners that sent the e-mail today, so hopefully you will receive the prizes by the end of the week.
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Cool, thanks!
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Yayyy! glad to share some knowledge with you guys!
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and finally win something hehehe
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