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There's been times where I'm working on replying on a difficult question and I have the screen up and I just want to keep working on the question - but for later. I don't like wordpad for example because when I include images or the format it's all wrong. Is there any plans to make our comments "save for later, or save as a draft?"
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I like that idea!
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Thanks for your input. Yes, I was looking all over for a button for this and I couldn't find it so I was like well it doesnt hurt to make sure. I can see how it could take up space, but maybe you can set it to expire a certain deadline that were aware of like a commitment or just a general save for x amount of days
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I am currently in this situation! I have an open question that I'm trying to answer, but it takes time to validate certain points and to format properly, so I absolutely wish I could save the as a draft!

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