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Why do we need a moderator?

TibiaQA is meant to be moderated by the community. Users can perform a variety of moderation tasks, once they reach a certain number of reputation points. Since TibiaQA is still relatively new, there aren't many users that have enough reputation points and therefore access to all the moderation tools yet.

Moderators also help resolve edge cases and review actions taken by the community. If a post was accepted/rejected, but it shouldn't be, moderators can revert that action. Finally, moderators can also single handedly act on flagged posts.

What are moderator tasks on TibiaQA?

Most of them are explained above. Key tasks include frequent reviews of a moderation and flagged posts queue, as well as review of moderation decisions taken by the community. Moderators are also expected to ensure the questions and answers are of good quality and edit or retag them as necessary. We also expect them to report any bugs and suggest improvements. Finally, moderators are expected to help promote the site.

What are the requirements?

The minimum requirements are:

  • Verified Human badge
  • Visitor badge
  • Avid Voter badge
  • Avid Reader badge
  • Great English skill
  • At least 300 reputation points
  • Excellent understanding of the site goals and TibiaQA Guide
  • Participation on Meta Tibia Q&A

The list of all badge requirements can be seen here: tibiaqa.com/badges

What do we offer?

  • Diamond mark next to the username on TibiaQA for recognition
  • Omniscient Owl fansite item after 12 months of active service (staff activity is a subject to periodic evaluation)
  • Zero third-party ads on TibiaQA
  • Access to the Tibia private test servers
  • Occasional in-game gifts

Those requirements may change at any point. Once you have met the requirements and are willing to join as moderator, leave your application as an answer to this post. Please provide a short introduction of yourself, your Tibia experience and a motivation to join our fansite team. We will contact chosen candidates by e-mail and invite them to the TibiaQA team.

Appointed candidates will also have to review and post the Moderator agreement in their introduction thread on Meta TibiaQA.

Thank You!

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I'd love to help, I have quite some experience with QA and I spent more time in Tibia helping than playing. Unfortunately I'm not sure I'd be able to be present as often as necessary so I won't apply for now, but maybe in the future!
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Awesome, I'd most definitely be looking forward to your application if it turns out you have enough time :)

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Since I have been the most active user this days I think I can be a good moderator.
I have good english skills, and I think I know the spirit of this fansite.

Im 28 and actually I am a software engineer (actually working for an IBM subsidiary), I have been playing Tibia since 2001 and actually I am an active player in the game. Also I think I have a good level on knowdledge about the things on Tibia (History, quests , updates , hints ....etc).

And I think that this fansite is really good for making a good database of questions and answers that will help a lot of people , if you choose me as moderator I will try my best to raise with you this fansite to a Tibia promoted fansite!

If you need more info about me feel free to ask me anything !

Regards, Zupakode
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Where I need go to vote by you?
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Im not sure how this works , for what I know this thing is taking it slowly since website is still on "work" I mean , I think Ellotris first wants to know where the website goes and how it advance in the next weeks/month. But im not sure so maybe is better if you send a contact to him to clarify this thing
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@Ello, why you never try get the job to Zupa?, I mean Fresh and Zup are best options, now more than ever, because you need a lot eyes around here.
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I have all requeriments, but Im not sure if It can work. Maybe can test by some weeks.
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I dont know if I'm good enough for that, but I'm available rrs
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Now that I finally reach the requirements. I would like to participate in this, I would be happy to become a moderator in TibiQa
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Oops now that I noticed it, I still don't have the Visitor Badge. I'll wait a little more.