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So bear with me please

I have an idea for a question ive been thinking about for a few weeks but Im not sure if it fits in TibiaQA's format

Basically its not an 'This is the Answer' type question, but more of a question where people can answer with their own preferences and list the reasons why, but those answers will be of use to many people who read them (in theory)

Im not really sure where we stand now on opinion based questions on the website

I can send the question to to an admin for approval if that helps

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if you have a doubt whether a question is suitable for TibiaQA or not, you can also just ask here - on Meta.

There's also some more explanation on when questions are completely opinion-based here: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/1135/questions-completely-opinion-therefore-suitable-tibiaqa
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Okay ill ask it here to see if its suitable

(('What are your favorite 'casual' hunting spots and why?'

Lately I've been on a laptop with a less than reliable internet connection so I've been hunting in less dangerous areas in case i get disconnected. It made me think of this question

My favorite area to casual hunt at the moment is the Research Centre in the Magician Quarter of Yalahar
Why? With Rope Belts and Amber staffs, plus the extra loots it can be quite profitable. It also has the added bonus of collecting the Music Sheets needed for the Liberty Bay Cult area plus of course the four creatures for the bestiary

Please if you wish to add your casual hunting area include the 'Where' and 'Why its good'

Hopefully we can build up a list of casual hunting spots that people can share))

That's the question. Do you think its suitable for TibiaQA?
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I'd suggest rephrasing the question a little bit to make it sound less opinion-based. Something around the lines of "What are the best casual hunting spots for unreliable Internet connection?". Adding the vocation and/or level will also help. What do you think?
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That sounds really good. I was thinking about adding level in but adding vocation in too is a great idea. Many thanks for the advice on the title as well. Ill use that and see how it goes

Apologies for the delay in replying. Had a long travel time getting back home
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