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Hello everyone,

we are always trying to expand our guides to better explain which questions on TibiaQA are good and desired and which are subject to being closed or removed. Currently, there's no clear definition of when questions do not belong to a Q&A site (such as TibiaQA) which often makes the community confused and annoyed when such questions are closed.

With this topic, we are trying to collect examples/categories of questions that do not belong to a Q&A site due to being completely opinion-based and generating only discussions and not factual answers. Later on, the answers posted here will be used to update our documentation.

Thank you in advance for contributing here! High-quality posts in this topic will be rewarded with reputation points on TibiaQA.

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Categories of questions that are completely opinion-based:

  • Asking for a player story
    • What level were you when you killed your first dragon?
    • How many wars were you involved in?
  • Asking for a favorite stuff/personal taste
    • What is your favorite city?
    • What is your favorite achievement?
  • Asking for aesthetics/beauty
    • What do you think about my house deco?
    • Does golden helmet look better than royal helmet?
  • Asking for opinions about new features/ideas
    • Would you like to see a second promotion introduced in Tibia?
    • How can CipSoft make fist fighting useful?
  • Speculations
    • Do you think a fifth vocation will be implemented?

I'll update the list with other examples/categories as we go on.

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I'll Add a few type of questions that are not suitable for TibiaQA in my view.

My general Rule is that a valid question is one that can be answered based on numbers, documents or provide experiences that can be reproduced. 
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I totally agree with proposal-like/ideas questions. For quests/lore I'm a little on the fence, so I wonder what others think about it. Very good feedback, thanks a lot - I've added 30 rep pts to your TibiaQA acc.
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I like the questions about quests and lore, as long as someone has something to tangible to offer. you never know, someone might drop a secret once in a while
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