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Recently I asked a question and got a perfect answer for it and upvoted and Best Answered it. Later the question received a downvote and I asked in comments the reason. I didnt get one and I shrugged and moved on. Then the question received another downvote so I thought I should use the Hide Question function. I noticed it removed the downvotes I had listed under my profile

Does it actually remove the negative points received from having a downvote and more importantly, does hiding a question remove the positive points I or others have given to someone who took the time to answer that question?
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I actually had a similar experience in the past but I wasn't sure if the points got neutralized by up votes or people removing downvotes before I hid a content that I've posted. Glad that you also mentioned this. It is good to wait for @Ellotris position on why it happens. If you hide a question with 2 downvotes for exmaple and makes it 0, you could potentially "abuse" the system by removing downvotes and making such content visible again without any penalty.

Edit: I can confirm that it does not happens in an answer at all. Just tested.

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thanks for asking. All votes on questions and answers (including points for selecting the best answer and for receiving the best answer) are removed when a post is deleted. When the post is hidden, it's not considered deleted yet. Hidden posts still go through verification and then they may be ultimately deleted. When a question is deleted, all of its answers, comments and comments on answers are deleted too, so all of those points are removed as well.

Hope that clears it up :)

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Does the action of 'Hiding' a question mean it will be eventually removed? I cant see it now in my history feed and Im feeling bad if I deprived someone of the points I gave them for taking the time to answer it
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From my understanding, it removes all points for everyone involved like it never existed. Sometimes can take a little bit to get approved a couple hours or sometimes a day or two ~ it's because once hidden they need to manually review the post to ensure its okay to get deleted forever.
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Ah I feel a little bad now