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We are happy to announce that improving posts by:

  • Editing their title
  • Editing their content
  • Retagging questions

is from now on rewarded with reputation points. Only edits on posts that are not your own count towards the improvement. Each edit is worth one point, up to the cap of 500 points. This means that after you collect 500 points from post edits, you will no longer be getting additional points for them. Also, you won't get additional points for multiple edits on the same post.

We have also added the "improved posts" counter to the user profiles. You can easily check how many posts each of our users improved:

We have started collecting those stats last week, so any posts improvements you have made since then will be reflected on the user profile and in your reputation points.

Current limitations:

  • The points obtained via post edits are not shown in the history of your points on your profile - we will likely add that in the future

Users abusing the moderation tools, by making hundreds of senseless edits, will have their reputation points removed and risk getting their accounts suspended.

Let us know what do you think about this change! If you notice anything not working as expected, such as points not being added, post edits giving errors, too many points added, or anything that doesn't align with the post above, please notify us, so we can look into this.

The TibiaQA.com team

Edit 1. Points awarded for improved posts should no longer disappear after a while. Please let us know if you find out otherwise.

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A perfect idea, I've been waiting for this change :)
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Amazing idea!!!
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My email went through. Thank you.
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Cool!! Everyone would edit what I means with a better vocabulary and grammatical... Amazing!  ( English isn't my native language, trying to improve it :$) Thanks :)

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Good, the are a lot players who really dont have a good skill on english so they can be afraid to post Q/A by it, so this can help a lot and of course another way to upgrade the page content and win some extra points.