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Today, shawtay reached an amazing milestone - 10,000 reputation points! Congratulations from all of us at TibiaQA on this outstanding achievement!

As of today, shawtay has:

  • asked 527 questions
  • answered 443 questions (236 answers chosen as the best)
  • left 781 comments
  • improved 336 posts of other users


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Yaaaay, congraatz! Great work! :D
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Congratulations Shawtay!!
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Thank you everyone! Y'all are the best.

3 Answers

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Thank you ~blushes~ It's been a really big goal of mine ever since I hit 4,000 points I knew the next milestone would be 10,000. I started TibiaQA in September 2018 and didn't think I would get this many points. I don't know everything about Tibia, in fact, I'm constantly learning. So a message to others please do not be discouraged to ask questions, add answers, and comment. I am really big into researching for hours about one question. But sometimes all it takes is personal experience and knowledge about the game in order to help others. Also, there's a lot of questions/answers on TibiaQA, so take the time to look around and enjoy! Thank you again :)
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you are awesome, Shawtay!!! Thanks a lot for making history in the TibiaQA community :)
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Thank you for your kind words and support :) Feels good
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Congrats Shawtay! Thanks for share your knowledge to all of us!
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Big ole congrats shawtay. Well done
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Ty all for tha congratz and support <3
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Wow, gratz girl!smiley

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Thank you! You definitely helped me with a lot of things so I appreciate you.
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Pacera's pride on TibiaQA! Good job Shawtay, now gogogo 20k!
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Thank you! You know how much I love TibiaQA and Pacera.
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