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Hello, community.

In response to How to approach downvoting and content quality? we have implemented a few changes today. Please note, that those are only the first steps and we want to continue working on higher content quality.

  • The down-voting cost (1 reputation point) was removed. The reputation points taken for down-voting were restored. We do not want to discourage users from down-voting, but we still need to look into measures that will prevent certain users from "downvoting as a revenge" or because of personal disputes
  • The down-voting privilege is now granted at 400 reputation points instead of previous 70 reputation points
  • Users can now comment on questions and answers without registering and logging in. Anonymous comments will be moderated before they show up just like questions and answers from anonymous posters. We want anyone to be able to give their comment or feedback on questions and answers what can hopefully help us build a better Q&A database. This is also a way for registered users to explain their down-vote in an anonymous way (in the future we may add a checkbox that will allow to post anonymously, without logging-out or going to incognito mode)

Feel free to let us know about your thoughts on the updates and continue to post your ideas in the linked thread!

Best regards,
the TibiaQA.com team

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Good to see that downvoting don't cost anything again!

Ability to anonymous comments is really nice. I understand that some people are afraid to explain their choice from their own accounts. Another step to better system.

Unfortunately if somebody wants to give a downvote without any reason or rather because of personal reasons - then this user doesn't need to explain anything. Maybe in the future it's worth to implement something to avoid giving downvotes without any particular reason.


Here it is visible very well :P Downvote without any explanation (not from account nor anonymously), nobody knows why.
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Yes, I am of the same opinion. Exactly, there was no reason, and you didn't even know why ... it's weird for me, but now at least there won't be such problems.
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you're not alone.  :/
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As I say in my post, I hope that the time necessary to reach 400 points is enough to understand the correct use of the tool.
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Eh, to reverse the downpoints=downvotes was a good and bad change. I have an idea of who downvoted me yet she doesn't explain why. For example- https://www.tibiaqa.com/16792/how-do-i-get-to-emperor-kruzak