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I was thinking about a good suggestion, which may be helpful for users, but also a suggestion, which is doable on this particular kind of platform. I’ve spent some time on checking it’s abilities and as the effect my final ideas are…

Althought these changes affects two different aspects, I decided to include them in one post as they are quite similar from the making point of view.

1)      Add a categories panel

It’s easy to notice, that all of TibiaQA users play Tibia in differently. Some of us loves power gaming, others are enthusiasts of RPG, I like bosshunting, some of girls here enjoy decorating houses, finally few people used to spend time on playing on Rookgaard.

Like many players, so many different ways to play Tibia.

That’s why in my opinion adding a Categories panel may be useful for all of us.

Users interested in decorationg houses, decoration items may choose „decoration”category. These players that want to make some levels fast – „power gaming” category, etc.

2)      Add a panel about fixing the down-votes

I think that getting down-votes is a bit frustrating for all of us. Even I, as experienced user sometimes have no idea why I got down-vote. To emphasize that we have influence on what votes we receive and that it can be changed - would be nice to add a panel with direct link to the:


I know, that there is already similar thing explained here:


However it may be a help in the form of prophylaxis, much more visible and easy to find for everyone, not only for those who already got some down-votes.

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