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Currently we've got some Tibia fansites that due to the different reasons are not oficially supported by Cipsoft (for example TibiaFrags). Content of these sites may be a good answer on different questions and here is my doubt...

Can we give a link to unofficial fansite that is not in the "fansites program"?

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Yes, links to fansites that are not a part of the fansite program are generally legal on TibiaQA. Of course, this excludes sites that focus on illegal activities such as botting or that are designed to hack into other players' accounts. Clearly off-topic links are also not allowed - like a link that has nothing to do with Tibia and the asked question.

As of today, links to TibiaFrags are totally fine if they help answer the questions in any way.

Hope that clears it up!
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This is a good question because I myself and others have pasted external sources on some questions and answers. I wanted to quote what I've read on the Help Center · How to provide good answers?

Sources: If you have used information from other websites or fansites, always cite your sources. On the other hand, make sure that your answer is not just a link to an external resource. Links are not yet answers. They are just pointers to a resource that might contain an answer. Linking to a trusted source like another fansite or the official Tibia website gives your answer additional credibility.

But I wanted to add, I feel like it needs to be clarified because it says not to but I feel like it hasn't been enforced. Of course, hack links are not allowed but there are some sites like TibiaFrags that are well known in the community. Choosing to go to any website poses a risk, especially a non-fansite. I'm awaiting Admin Ellotris response on this.

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To clarify - what this quote is saying is that you shouldn't post "Hey, your answer is here: <link>" as an answer. In other words - if the link ever stops working, the answer should still be valuable for the community.