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I'd like to be able to have the same moderator rights I've earned on TibiaQA on TibiaQA Meta as well. I don't know if this a bug or not but I cannot flag a post, it won't allow me to on TibiaQA Meta. However, I thought 150 points gives me the option to flag. I'm wondering if all moderator tools are disabled on TibiaQA Meta? But I think it would be helpful to have these rights here as well.
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Are you sure the flags are not available? They should be enabled from what I see
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For me aren't available I guess I dont have earn enough points for that permissions.
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For me it wasn't available, now I'm able to flag. Before I swear it didn't give me the option to because there was this one post I wanted to flag because it wasn't appropriate for here and it didn't allow me to. Seems to be solved for me now.

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This part of fansite is more to suggestions, announcements and problems. The regular users make new post every week or something like that. Is not really necessary give the moderator tools to regular users.
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In some cases its needed, there's been some advertising on the site that doesn't belong