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In the world of Tibia a lot of things can change, and so can the answers/questions on TibiaQA. I'm just curious about what I should do if a question is outdated due to an update.

For example, Diamond Arrows don't expire anymore and there are some old questions about Diamond Arrows. Do we let these questions be? Flag them? Edit the answer or question, comment, or respond with my own answer a disclaimer something like... "Before Vocation Adjustments, Diamond Arrows used to expire, now they do not." In specifics, I'm talking about questions like this: Does the time of Diamond Arrows and Spectral Bolts still count when I'm offline?

At the time these questions were very good, now they can be misleading or confusing. I just want to be respectful to the person who asked/answered the question so my assumption is to just edit the answer but keep the question the same?

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I'd say this is a per-post decision on how to best handle it. Can you paste a link to the question you are speaking about?
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Added link in answer, thanks :)

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For this specific question, my say is that just including it in the answer that they can no longer expire is a valid move. There can still be players who are unaware of those changes and this question can help them.
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In my opinion the most accurate thing to do in this cases is to answer those outdated questions with an updated answer, trying to leave some help for anyone still interested in the topic specifying that at the time the question was made it was 100% valid. For example, to answer the question you used, we could answer something like this:

Diamond Arrows and Spectral Bolts do not expire anymore. This question was made when this items were expirable but there has been some updates to the game and they no longer expire. In fact, you don't even need to create them anymore, you can just buy them from NPCs and they stay for as long as you want in your inventory.

This way the question is still valid and helpful because we are informing that the original question is outdated but we are helping with new information related to the same question. This is extremely useful for people who use code words such as "diamond arrow" to search for information, because those outdated questions will obviously appear for them and they can still be of help.