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Edit: You can see the exact post time please see the answer below. (When I asked this originally I didn't know this was an option)

After a day goes by we just see "answered one day ago" which I think is a really clean way of displaying the time. However, what I mean is maybe keep the "answered 1 day ago" but add to every post the exact time it got posted? For example, like what we see on Tibia forums: 22:35:29 but add CET after. I mean this really isn't necessary but I thought I'd suggest it just in case.

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this is already possible. You just need to hover over the post time text (e.g. 2 hours ago) and an exact time will pop up.

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Well, I discover something new every day, thanks for pointing this out to me :)
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On my mobile it doesn't seem to allow me to look at the exact time, but that's okay its not necessary