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Hello, TibiaQA community!

We are seeing an unwanted trend where TibiaQA users create multiple accounts in order to participate in the same contest or the contribution system multiple times. What's more, such accounts usually generate upvotes amongst each other, which is an abuse of our moderation system.

Given the above, we have decided to adjust our rules and clearly state that owning multiple accounts is not allowed. We have added the guidelines at Can I own multiple TibiaQA accounts? and When to upvote and downvote posts? (Vote fair section)

Starting Jan 2021, users who attempt to use multiple TibiaQA accounts will have all of their accounts locked. If you currently own multiple accounts, you can contact us before Jan 2021 to preserve one of the accounts of your choice and to move the posts from the other accounts to the account of your choice. Naturally, the votes made between those accounts will be removed. To contact us about the user account merger, please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com

The only thing that changes is that we now explicitly do not allow multiple accounts and will actively lock them. Abusing the votes and accounts to gain benefits was already considered destructive and was never allowed.

Please don't hesitate to ask in case of any questions!

Best regards,
the TibiaQA.com team

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Oh, I remember when Smuu were offending the lucky ones who won the prizes in different fansites' contests and accusing them on cheating, then he was officially disqualified in another contest for multi account... and it was cool because it showed not only his hypocrisy, but stopped him from further cheating and offending other players. So yeah, I agree - it should be published. Even if it doesn't benefit TibiaQA much, it will draw attention to dishonest people and possibly prevent them from cheating in the future here or on other fansites.
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To be honest the way the points works at the website is fail. I've already got problems to give upvotes to my friends here, in other hands I see a bunch of non sense questions with 5+ upvotes.
I think i the future should have a concil here with the responsability to give up and downvotes, by the users it will always be a mess.
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@Ellotris- Do you plan to make a wall of shame or announce the users who are cheating?
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No, there are no plans to publish a wall of shame or a similar list of locked users.

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It's a shame how others think that they can get away with such things. It's not right for all who spend hours, days, months, years on this site to earn their points fairly. I'm certainly happy that something is being done once and for all. I don't mean to sound harsh but, shame on multiple account users, cheaters get nowhere.

My question is, will the user's questions, answers, comments still remain even though their account will be locked with upvotes removed?

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Yes, all content will be preserved
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complicated to use multiple accounts to participate in contests.
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