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Hello everyone,

once again, we would like to offer our users a few invitations to Tibia's private test server for the Summer Update 2021. TibiaQA can invite up to 5 players.

Would you like to join the private test server as a part of our team? Post an answer in this topic with the character name on the account that should be invited if that's the case! If more than 5 players apply, we will first pick our staff, and then the players with the highest number of reputation points on TibiaQA (points on meta will not count).

If you know you have secured an invitation already (e.g. by being a part of another fansite, by being a tutor, etc.) please refrain from applying - you cannot be invited twice anyway ;)

We will let you know once the names are forwarded.

Deadline for applying: 22 May 2021

Best regards,
TibiaQA.com team

closed with the note: The sign-up phase is over. Everyone that posted was invited! See you on the Test Server!
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Who was selected to this?

4 Answers

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Can you please invite my character, Shawtay :)

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Hello!!I would like to be part of the Private Test Server blush, my character name is: Oriibsz. 

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Please, add me if you want and have some free slot.

Character: Trululu Gumdrops

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Yo, invite Camarluk, please ^^

Thanks a lot!

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