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Hello everyone,

over a year ago I had the pleasure to announce that TibiaQA became a Supported Tibia Fansite. Today, I'm even more happy to say that TibiaQA was moved up to the Promoted Tibia Fansite!

That wouldn't be possible without you - the TibiaQA community! Thank you for your continued involvement in TibiaQA - all the questions and answers, all the comments and edits, all the raised post flags, all of the reviewed posts. It is you that make TibiaQA special.

Thank you for your continued trust in TibiaQA that manifests in over 1500 unique daily visits! This growing number clearly shows that we are headed in the right direction to build the most reliable knowledge base for Tibia!


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Well done! I wish all best

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Great news! Congratulations !! Well deserved! Keep it up!
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Very well deserved! This site is a vast compendium of good quality knowledge. Keep up the good work! :)
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Congrats , totally deserved!
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Congratz, you deserve it by all your work.
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