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TibiaQA.com is proudly announcing the Golden Question - Summer Update '21 edition contest. The goal of this contest is to promote and reward high-quality, well-researched, and interesting questions posted on TibiaQA.

Contest rules:

  • Users participate by asking interesting, well-researched questions on TibiaQA
  • Questions must concern things that were added or modified with the Summer Update 2021 and must be posted between July 12, 2021, and August 8, 2021
  • Each user can submit up to 3 questions to the contest, by posting their links as an answer in this topic (deadline August 8, 2021, 23:59 CEST)
  • All posted questions must follow TibiaQA guidelines - questions that fail to do so will either be closed or removed and will not participate in the contest
  • TibiaQA.com team cannot participate in the contest

Picking the top questions procedure:

  • Top 6 questions will be pre-selected by the TibiaQA.com team and forwarded to the CMs and fansite admins
  • The selection will be impacted by several factors:
    • How interesting is the question
    • How useful is the question to the community
    • How researched is the question
    • Number of views and votes
    • Correctness and grammar
  • The CMs and fansite admins will vote for their favorite questions from the top 6
  • The winning questions are announced and the winners are contacted to pick their reward and to provide a character name for which they want to receive the prize for (around 16 August)


  1.  Omniscient OOmniscient Owlwl + Golden trophy of excellence + Badge of glory + Rune emblem of choice + 60 reputation points on TibiaQA
  2. Silver trophy of excellence + Elven trophy + rune emblem of choice + 30 reputation points on TibiaQA
  3. Bronze trophy of excellence + Rune emblem of choice + 20 reputation points on TibiaQA

Don't forget to link your contest entries in an answer to this topic to participate!

Good luck!
The TibiaQA.com team

closed with the note: The contest is over. We will announce the winners in around a week.
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In the Adventures of Galthen, where will we go after the Forest of Life, and how will I obtain the highest of achievements in this quest and get the "King's Council".
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Who was the man Galthen was talking about in his "Personal diary of Galthen, The Found Man"? And what had the man been a witness to that made him appear to be insane? What secret society was the man a part of?
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Hi everyone. In order to participate, please make sure to post your submissions as answers, and include links (see submission by XXMAESTRO as a valid example). Thanks!
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Thanks for the example!

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So I will try too. Best regards and good luck to everyone.

•  Do we need a quest to use Megasylvan Saplings?

•  Where are the Tibia Drome teleports located?

  How we can get Old Royal Diary?

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