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Hello everyone,

the voting is over and I'm happy to announce the winners of the Golden Question - Summer Update '21 edition contest. The 6 best questions in our opinion have been preselected and forwarded to CMs and other fansite admins for voting. Here are the final results of their votes:

  1. What are the best uses for Tibiadrome Potions?
    Author: Ipreferblackcoffee
    Prize: Omniscient OOmniscient Owlwl + Golden trophy of excellence + Badge of glory + Rune emblem of choice + 60 reputation points on TibiaQA
  2. Are the waves in Tibiadrome the same for all players?
    Author: shawtay
    Prize: Silver trophy of excellence + Elven trophy + rune emblem of choice + 30 reputation points on TibiaQA
  3. How does the Wealth Duplex potion work with extra loot bonuses?
    Author: Aupendix
    Prize: Bronze trophy of excellence + Rune emblem of choice + 20 reputation points on TibiaQA

@Winners - please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with your character name, game world, and the choice of your rune emblem! Make sure to use the e-mail address assigned to your TibiaQA account. The bonus points have been assigned.


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I am truly honored to win and I am surprised considering it was so many great questions overall!
Congratulations to the other winners and thank you for an amazing contest!
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I don't prefer black coffee! JK, Congrats (:

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Congratulations to the winners! Great Questions!

All 3 winners where questions related to Tibiadrome so there seems to be a lot of interest in it. Nice to see.
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Congratulations to the winners!

Very surprise contest but something different and fresh.

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Wooo it's been a little bit since I won a contest (: Thank you all. Congrats to the other winners and entries as well. I picked the Soulfire rune to add to my emblem collection:

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Congrats to the winners !:)

May I ask again what were 6 chosen ? (Please feed my curiosity;)
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We stick to not publishing the top 6. Sorry :)
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Ah ok:) won’t ask anymore in that case
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