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Hello everyone,

today we have expanded the permissions for moderators to deselect the best answer in rare cases. Specifically, when there's an official statement from CipSoft (official manual, CM post on forums) that disproves the best answer, moderators have the right to deselect such an answer. Deselecting the best answer by moderators must be followed up by a comment with an explanation, as well as a link to the official statement from CipSoft. Other cases of highly harmful incorrect answers can be brought up to the attention of the community and moderators via Meta TibiaQA and the decision will be made by the staff on the per post basis.

The process is described in our Help Center - https://www.tibiaqa.com/answering-incorrect-answer

We are happy to hear your thoughts!

Best regards,
the TibiaQA.com team
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Why is it needed to have an official statement by CipSoft in order to deselect an incorrect answer as the "best answer"? If it is incorrect, it is incorrect, regardless if there is an official statement by CipSoft or not.
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The challenge here is classifying what is correct and what is not. You wouldn't like your own answer removed just because someone claimed it's incorrect.

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Awesome! I'm glad it will be backed by proof
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Any news about old questions without any best selected?

I know not all have a good answer to be selected but some of this have.