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Hi, community!

As a promoted fansite, TibiaQA.com is allowed to interview CipSoft employees. We have already held two interviews:

 We are now getting ready for a third interview with a CipSoft employee. Who, in your opinion, should we interview next? A full list of employees available for an interview is here: https://www.tibia.com/abouttibia/?subtopic=aboutcipsoft


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@Ellotris Guardian, Once you select the cip guy to the interview can open a thread to propose some questions?
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I wanted to ask the same thing...  Can we have Mini contest with questions proposals? (no prize need to be allocated, just a glory of having your question asked;)
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Sure, I always gladly collect questions from the community so that the interview is interesting for everyone!

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I'm down for any of the Game Content Designers. However, Knightmare would make for an interesting interview as always.
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I like Shawtay's proposal, but I think I would go for Lionet -as it seems he is behind the content for Opticording sphere and he was behind the lore for Cobra Amulet/& Note about Two souls (artefacts also...?). Also last Interview with him was in 2015 where Knightmare was in 2018.

Also Laethye, Skinard were not yet interviewed... Also Burchan could be an interesting one.
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I really wanna know more Game Content Designer, about the future of content of Tibia and how the choice what do in every update.
So probably I wanna see something with Knightmare or Lionet.

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Just to make it clear - no matter who we interview, their general rule is that they will never give any spoilers concerning an upcoming content. However, I do believe that asking about how the choice is made should be a valid question.
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My question about future is more about how they gonna manage the history about it and what they think about the future of content with the actual high levels.
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Knightmare or Lionet. I got some awesome suggestions of questions prepared!

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i guess im kinda concerned about the future of tibia, or general game content as guys above me said, is important for all us... but tbh i wish we could talk with someone more into the low lvl (pre 200) content, u know every 6 months each new server reach 400+ players and give a huge opportunity to do a lot of things old content, there are so many things in the old content that i wish were revamped a little, update on stories, on continents, on systems, on mobs, etc.

who knows if they could bring us a server where lvl uping were hard, where to hit 400 were meaningful again, or a revamp on old systems (food, mana, skills, old weapons specially for paladin), a little more interest into those outdated contents to bring more life and consistency, who knows if could attract more newcomers too..

So from my part i wish we could interview whoever is on charge of specifically old/low lvl content, i expect a lot from this new interview anyway!
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