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As you might know, promoted fansites are allowed to interview CipSoft employees once a year. Our last interview was with Bolfrim (https://meta.tibiaqa.com/496/interview-with-bolfrim-the-lead-tester-at-cipsoft) and at that time he was the lead tester.

Who would you like to see interviewed this year and what kind of questions would you ask? Please note, that employees can really only answer questions from their areas of expertise and that they will never answer questions that ask for spoilers for the upcoming updates.

Here's a list of all CipSoft members we can interview: https://www.tibia.com/abouttibia/?subtopic=aboutcipsoft

I'm looking forward to your opinions :)

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Oh without a doubt in my mind I would love for you to interview Knightmare. His answers to questions are always so detailed and fun to read. Some questions I would ask him would be:

  • What's your favorite Tibia item and why?
  • What was the first quest? I read the first quests were considered items that came when there was a map reset, is this true?
  • Are you the only Cipsoft employee that was hired after you were a Tibian player? If no, who else was originally a Tibian player before a Cipsoft employee?
  • How did you find Tibia? ( I checked some interviews but cannot see some I don't think it was mentioned yet...)
  • Do you mostly work at home or the office? 
  • When you have time to play Tibia what are you doing and do you prefer to play alone or with a friend?
  • What are you currently working on?
  • I heard you get you get some inspiration from books and movies. Are there any books or movies you recommend that will help us understand or help us with Tibia *wink wink*?
  • Any plans to complete the triangle of terror? (question idea from arturgaldino in the comments, thanks!)
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I would add the question:
"Any plans to complete the triangle of terror?"
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I have a LOT of cool questions prepared for Knightmare. I would loved to see him being interviewed. As a secondary effect, many tibians love to read about Knightmare interviews and the possibility of getting an info about quest, so it would be an interview that would attract a big attention to us.
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everyone knows him, appreciates him, and loves the mysterious angle of him too! i agree 100% a lot of people would be intrigued to read his interview
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Knightmare won't answer things about tibia mysteries or any future thing like triangle of terror but well he is a cool one to interview but I prefer to hear his old stories about tibia like any quest he regret doing or wanted to remake it and never could or like if he would change the tibia genesis or something like that, I would probably ask him if he would be sad if rook got deleted now that dawnport exists
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I think I would like to see an interview with Siramal, lead Tester.

I would really like to know

  • How is he testing new content?
  • Is he using high leveled characters?
  • Is he testing new content with all vocations?
  • Is he in contact with Tutors/players when Test Servers are open?
  • What exactly is he testing - mechanics of game / quests?
  • Does he have character in Tibia other than the testing one? The one that he could actually play with?
  • What does he enjoy the most about his job?
  • How long does it take to finish testing phase?
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I do agree your questions are very on point and probably really much needed answers at this time as well ... I think this would be a good interview too.
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Thank you for your feedback. Maybe it would be a bit too harsh to ask some of those, like... if they are REALLY testing the content, but I would like to know this too (since we have a lot of criticism on forums about them NOT testing things before implement).
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We have already interviewed lead tester last year (see link in the original post), so I'm not sure we would like to do it again
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well almost all old cipsoft members were interviewed at least once but there is 2 that I wanted to see an interviw some day one its the new CM Skerio and the other one is Xolurr (aka the char lvl 1337 that everyone got curious about some time ago).
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I would like to find out more about Mirade or Rejana. I would like to ask how they became CipSoft members and if they played the game themselves in past, too.

Now that I think about it, I would love to ask if there are some hidden quests and unsolved mysteries in Tibia that no one has come up with yet. There are a lot of strange objects on the map, perhaps we are supposed to use certain items on them in order to receive some items, or tips for the further missions but nobody has ever bothered to test it. I have always been into Tibia mysteries and would like to find out if they really exist or they're just fantasies of players! Not sure who of the CipSoft managers would actualy give us the answer but it would be worth trying to get information on that!
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They are notoriously good at not giving away anything.  Ah but we can dream
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None of the Cip members will spoil any of the game content, so asking such questions will not get us anywhere