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Hi everyone,

as you might have noticed, TibiaQA has suffered a couple of downtimes during the last couple of weeks. We had active incidents spanning (CET/CEST time)

  • 16 October 2021 6 am - 9 am (3 hours)
  • 31 October 2021 1 am - 10 am = (9 hours)
  • 11 November 9 pm - 12 November 3 pm (18 hours)

All of those incidents were caused by our server running out of available memory and shutting down the application. Please note that the TibiaQA.com team is fully committed to providing you non-disturbed access to the Tibian knowledge base located on our website and therefore we have introduced a few tweaks and additional alerting that should help keep the site stable and also alert us sooner if anything is off. Rest assured that we will monitor the situation to make sure the tweaks are working as expected and that they have helped bring things on track!

Please accept our sincerest apologies for those downtimes. We hope that we can make it up to you with the upcoming CipSoft member interview and contests :)

Kind regards,
Ellotris on behalf of the TibiaQA.com team

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You know we all love TibiaQA and we're happy to see it back online especially during Lightbearer time.

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ery nice know is something not to danger/risky/problematic and you keep informed the community. Hope you can solve it soon and properly.
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