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Hi everyone!

The Winter Lottery is now over and we have our lucky winners! The ticket numbers are available here: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/2286/winter-lottery-2021-with-omniscient-owl?show=2342#a2342 and the results are here: https://tibiopedia.pl/tools/lottery/12093

Rank 1) Ticket #11 - Lee kun - Omniscient Owl
Rank 2) Ticket #1 - shawtay - Rune emblem of choice + Santa Backpack
Rank 3) Ticket #24 - Xarkost - Rune emblem of choice
Rank 4) Ticket #26 - Hannzo - Rune emblem of choice
Rank 5) Ticket #4 - Mogh - Rune emblem of choice

Winners, please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with the character name and the game world of the character which should receive the prize. Please also include your choice of the rune emblem. Only e-mails from the address that is assigned to your user account on TibiaQA will be accepted!

Congrats, and happy new year!

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wohooo, gratz for winners <3
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Yaaaay! Thank you! That's by far the best Christmas Present I got this year. ;D I'll wait until the item is delivered so I can post an answer gracefully posing with it! Congratz to all other winners!
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CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! This is MOTIVATION to do better in future events!
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Congratulations to the winners! Its really good to see that people who put a lot of quality stuff got the items:)
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Congratulations to the winners !
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Congratulations to all winners !! :D

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Wow, thank you. I was so close yet so far from my third owl :P GZ Lee on your owl!!! Pacera has so many owls now xD GZ to the other winners too :)

For my rune, I picked the energy wall golden rune emblem and emailed you about it. Almost done with my golden rune collection just need 2 more after this and it will be complete, super happy, super lucky, thank you all. Just got my emblem and santa backpack today! Here are some of my golden rune emblems in which I know I need to display better soon.

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Congrats to all the winners. This lottery was really fun. There were a few new users on TibiaQA who asked a lot of interesting questions. I was very pleased to participate in this lottery and did not expect to take one of the winning places. Thank you very much TibiaQA. You guys are one of the best fansites for me and I have a lot of fun asking questions or giving answers. I don't know yet which rune I will choose. I have to think about it :) I will send you an email soon.

And here's my rune. Thank you again.

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Thank you, Ellotris and TibiaQA community! My Owl has arrived and it will rest peacefully in my house along other dear items. <3

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Wow, it looks wonderful! What is this item next to the Owl, on the right?
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@Aniulka- Armillary Sphere - Lee Kun received it for contribution to TibiaMaps ;-)

Lee Kun- Bug Master xD  

Shawtay is right- deco is "thematic" and all suits well. You even put less gold bars under each place (trophies)- so it was thought through. Heavily Bound Book, Owl & Armillary Sphere looks really good together ^^

But what is this document on the floor?
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papyrus deed from tournament
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Thanks! And yep, that's the Armillary Sphere from TibiaMaps.io and a Papyrus Deed from my only participation in a tournament. I really suck at those xD
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Oh, man, I got so close to win a rune emblem :p

Congrats to all winners. It was fun to be a part of it
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Congrats to all the winners. Enjoy the fancy items!

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