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Hello everyone!

We have improved our guidelines concerning questions that should be avoided on TibiaQA. The guidelines themselves haven't changed, but we added more examples, explanations, descriptions, and borderline cases that have been discussed in the past there as a reference.

As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts. If you have any suggestions to expand this section with more details, examples or more borderline cases, feel free to share them.

Best regards,
TibiaQA.com team

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I think it makes things more clear! If anyone else has any suggestions to clarify anything else let us know!
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I like the changes! I also see a familiar quiestion " What are the cooldowns for 25th Tibia Anniversary events?"

I really like the idea of having where we are okay with rare item prices rather than basic items because that would be silly to ask what the price avalanches are for example, so good idea adding that.

This really clears up a lot of things which was already discussed previously, thank you for the updates.

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