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Hi everyone!

The Winter Lottery 2022 has been drawn! Below you will find the winners. The ticket numbers have been announced here: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/2568/winter-lottery-2022-with-omniscient-owl?show=2616#a2616 and the results are here: https://tibiopedia.pl/tools/lottery/12201

Rank 1) Ticket #18 - Daniellee - Omniscient Owl
Rank 2) Ticket #5 - Daissy - Rune emblem of choice + Santa Hat
Rank 3) Ticket #41 - Servandinho - Rune emblem of choice
Rank 4) Ticket #26 - Akuma Nikaido - Rune emblem of choice
Rank 5) Ticket #37 - Qeen Arkblion - Rune emblem of choice

Winners, please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with the character name and the game world of the character which should receive the prize. Please also include your choice of the rune emblem. Only e-mails from the address that is assigned to your user account on TibiaQA will be accepted!

Congrats, and happy new year!

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Happy New Year :DDDDDDDDD

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Congratulations all the lucky winners yes

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Congratz!!! Another year, another successful lottery made by TibiaQA!  cool

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Congrats to all winners and thank you!
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