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Hello everyone,

with today's update, we have introduced the Review Queues. This is a neat tool that helps you determine posts that may require your attention. The queues are unlocked as you gain reputation points and therefore more moderation privileges. Review queues are accessible from the top menu.

In the short feature we want to add a list of associated badges with each of the review queue, and user's progress towards obtaining that badge. As an example, the first queue would display whether the user has already obtained the Answerer badge for posting 25 answers.

We are also considering adding a review queue for all new links posted at this site (available for users who can flag posts).

What do you think of review queues? Do they look useful? Do you see a potential for more review queues? Let us know your thoughts.

Best regards,
The TibiaQA.com team

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2500 by Flagged post sound too much.

Maybe add a queues to questions without "best answer" and Questions without upvote?

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The reason to set them at 2500 is to match the "Hide posts" privilege. There's no point showing this queue earlier if you cannot act on those posts anyways.
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You are right XD
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