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Hello everyone,

the voting is over and I'm happy to announce the winners of the Golden Post of February contest:

  1. Question: How can we organize our backpack in a practical way?
    Author: FPoPP
    Prize: Golden trophy of excellence + Badge of glory + Rune emblem of choice + 50 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA
  2. Question: What is the most effective place to defend - Tibian Thermopylae
    Author: Maleigihas
     Silver trophy of excellence + Elven trophy + Rune emblem of choice + 25 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA
  3. Answer to: What quest has got the Longest/Richest history?
    Author: Zupakode
    Bronze trophy of excellence + Rune emblem of choice + 10 bonus reputation points on TibiaQA

@Winners - please send an e-mail to tibiaqa.adm@gmail.com with your character name, game world and the choice of your rune emblem! Make sure to use the e-mail address assigned to your TibiaQA account. 


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Yuuupi !! :D Thanks and gratz to all participants.
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Neat! I wasn't expecting for that :) Just sent my email to you, Ellotris!
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lol! :D gzz I really wanst expecting to get prize :D thanks!

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Gz guys!

As I said, the three names of winners XD
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