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Currently, the e-mails sent to users upon registration, new answer notification, password reset, etc. are all sent as plain text. We should consider improving their looks by adding a free e-mail template (eg. taken from https://beefree.io/templates/) and appropriately adjusting it to fit TibiaQA style. This can not only make the e-mails more readable, but will also make TibiaQA look more professional.

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One thing that would be nice to have on a new template: An easy "unsubscribe from this thread" option, just in case that the person receiving the email want to cancel further emails regarding the question

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If this is to " make TibiaQA look more professional" you dont need ask nothing, go ahead and do it.

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Interesting idea! I would like to see that implemented, @Ellotris Guardian!
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It looks great! you should implement it
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