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Is not a secret 99% of user once get the Omniscient Owl they just leave the page (Or create a new account), because there is no reward for keep posting questions/answer with that account.

I wan propose a lotery between just the users who got the Omniscient Owl and STILL keep activity on the site, maybe every 6 mnths or year.
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https://meta.tibiaqa.com/725/warning-on-cheating-the-contribution-system?show=725#q725 cheating isn't tolerated. TibiaQA normally hosts a Christmas lottery every year with the owl for all users. Also, there are other contests where we have the owl as a reward where non-staff users can still win an owl.
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I know is cheating, I tried to exploit it before the the rule was implemented jajajaja

But there are still ways to avoid it and cheat.

I know the Christmas lottery, but taking part on this loterry is PRETTY easy (Just few Q/A/Comments). I mean a loterry just for the user who won the owl but want still active in the site, but with very MORE activity to go in, such as the Christmas lottery but more harder.
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The way I see it, the Owl is supposed to be a recognition of the contribution, and not the only goal for users. I know that's not how it works in practice (which is why many fansites and even CipSoft don't use this type of contribution system), but if a user is only here to farm points for the Owl then I think it's good riddance when they leave, because these users usually provide very low quality answers and ask stupid questions that aren't real just to get points.
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''The Owl is supposed to be a recognition of the contribution''

Youre 100%right, but take a look of the users who have been claimed this, they immediately stop the interaction with the page in the 90% or more, because there is no more reward or goals and NOT all user just provide very low quality answers and ask stupid questions that aren't real just to get points. I just can talk for my self, but I started before the contributions system was implemented and I still here, but at som points there is no goal for me. Even I reduce my contribution because when I give an answer, Im removing the chance to others who still dont have the Owl.

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I think it's an interesting idea, but maybe not with the next owl, but with some other items from the competition section.
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You guys are forgetting the fact that whenever they do this lottery, it's an opportunity to have new players finding out about the site and actually enjoying it for a long time. Or maybe not even that often, being here everyday for a long time might not be such a big deal if you don't contribute.

It is also important to have those players who are not always here, but they contribute from time to time.
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All the post is about find a way to keep more users actives setting new goals once you got the item.