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In future do you gonna implement event not related with the QA? Something like stories or comic etc..?

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In general, we would like most of our events to have some connection with the theme of the site. But if there's enough interest, I'd imagine we could run a contest not related to questions & answers at all.
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I think is good idea have some variety. At the end the people who won some types (In more than one time) of contest learn how do it properly. Maybe you can do something different every 3 events relate d with QA.
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I like this idea to make different types of contest :D (it can be related to q/a too like the most funny question or something like that)
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I would make something related like Guide contest , or anything that have something related to knowledge.
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Interesting idea!
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One thing interesting maybe would be contests where questions/answers about a specific theme would be the ones being analyzed. For example: Questions about how old stuff worked on Tibia, historical wars or even famous players and guilds who managed to accomplish something amazing at some point on Tibia, we could have the "historical month" for it.

I got a wild idea here right now where we (the staff) would ask specific questions about Tibia mysteries and the most interesting and creative answer about the subject would win. But we would need to think a lot about how to do it properly. We would need some really intriguing questions :P but the most importantly: what do you think about it, folks?

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Sounds really good, but the problem is how you can evaluate the answer if all gonna have the same information (Because you can edit the answer)?
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We can see the history of all post edits, so it's easy to determine who provided the content first.
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