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Just putting the idea out there.... Is it possible/worthwhile to set up on TibiaQA That when something is added to a past question, even if you haven't contributed to the question previously, we could see a notification of some kind so we could view it. We have that now for questions we have contributed to, but it would be great to have that on posts we have not contributed to, so we can gain any new knowledge provided or see what has changed.

I apologise in advance. I know it is very easy to make a suggestion when I have no knowledge of website design and maintenance, Much harder to implement if its even possible or worth it.

Feel free to tar and feather me as needed

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I usually go to https://www.tibiaqa.com/activity to view anything recent.
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I wonder if the above is sufficient. If not - why?
Same here, I am checking in "Recent activity" for any "new" changes to the posts. I would prefer not to receive notifications for EVERY change. Perhaps, instead of being spammed with hundreds of notifications, you could choose which " news" you would like to get on your profile as:

- Observe question for any changes, contributions etc

- Observe topic/ tag for any changes, contributions etc

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