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I was wondering about this possibility. Sometimes we can spot cool questions with huge number of views (which is great for the website) and not so many votes. Curiously, good answers on good questions tend to amass more points compared to the question itself on that situation in my opinion (but that's only what I can see from personal experience,I have no data to support that).

Said that, I think that maybe having the possibility of rewarding questions that are achieving huge amount of views would be an interesting possiblity to consider. We can talk about limits for that implementation (for example, questions with negative votes would be ruled out from this, but maybe we can establish a negative number like -2 or -3 as the one that will make the question don't receive this benefit) but this would enable questions with zero votes/few points receive some extra compensation for making an interesting point that attracts traffic to TibiaQA website.
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This is an interesting idea! Thanks for bringing this up

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Yes for example I have some questions created that have many views , like the charm one whre I have like 8000+ views and only 6 upvotes and I have the same reward as another questions with like 100views , the upvotes are low because to upvote you need sometime in the website to get points to determinate if a question is good or not, and I think we have to revaluate that thing because my question of charms appears on google close to the top if you look for tibia charms and many people enters on tibiaQa and goes to the question but they cannot upvote because they are not registered or have enough points.


Also I have another answer in a popular question and I have only 4 upvotes in a answer that generates more than 3000 views:


I counted it and in questions I got : 18459 views 

250 up votes, 24 down votes

So in average to get 1 upvote I need 73 views and I think its not fair comparing the quality of some answersand all the work that is behind of researching and writting.

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Your question has 6 upvotes, while the other question has only 1. This means you are getting more points for that question (18 to be clear + 1 for posting). Moreover, since this was posted as a contest entry (Golden post of September) you also received 50 points as a prize. I do agree, however, that there are several questions that are very good, and are getting a lot of views, but don't receive many votes. Maybe bonus points for views is a good idea, but I'd also like to discover the way to encourage users to vote more. Thanks for voicing your thoughts! Very appreciated
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I was thinking that maybe we could link this bonus to the Famous Question badge (awarded for questions with 5000 views). Another idea is to periodically award popular questions (eg. each 3 months we would see which question received most views, and award the author with bonus points + a small in-game gift).
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Seems a great idea! I would like to see this implemented! I guess that it would make more people be interested on thinking about good questions!
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It seems to be a nice idea , I know that this will be good for me , but also I think that will be good for the new users to have something to fight for. If you work harder in your questions or answer this will give you a gift ingame , thats what people want, we all appreaciate the effort but sometimes some gift inside the game we play is nice and is  a way to show our aprovation to their efforts.

The rewards I think could be ok is :

1000 Views question: 200 Points in tibiaQa
5000 Views question: Emblem rune of choice + 250 points in TibiaQa.
10000 Views question: TibiaQa fansite Item + 200 points in TibiaQa.


100 points to the answers that the admins/moderators sees that is a answer with very nice work and very nice research.
100 Points if the answer got more than 10 upvotes.
150 Points for the best answer each month (selected by the admin/moderators)
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I posted a replica of my last question about food in reddit and I got 5 upvotes and 15 comments

The same question I posted it here in TibiaQa , result? 100 views , 0 upvotes:

Is hard to see when I make a good question with useful info and not even the admin or moderators give me upvote for the research and the info added , and also in less than 1 day I got 100 views. Something have to change, this system is not fair, and users like Trululu gumdrops that is very active dont even have more than 15 upvotes gaven , im not angry , but you know this things need a change for the future of the website.

This guy never dont want to give points to anybody... he dont upvote people , he dont choose best answer in their questions to dont give points to the ppl who answer... no sense 

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I'm agree with you, I also have some time think on solve the votes I need give out. Gonna take some time to it now.
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Zupakode, I really enjoyed your answer related to the foods, but I've made a valid criticism regarding it and explained on why I think that it needed some fixes. Ellotris also had the same opinion. Overall, anyone can agree that the question had a great potential and that the answers were good.

About Trululu... well, I can't really see any viable way to force people to vote on this website, as Ellotris said, we need to study on how to incentivate users to upvote. I mean, I would be happy if he could vote more often and be more attentive to other good questions and answers on this website. But that's all... I don't know why he does that. Interesting that you brought this up.

I can speak by myself that I always upvote well done stuff here, since I always like to see people putting effort on questions and answers (always did the same even before I was a moderator).

Needless to say, but even good places like the big Reddit hub for Tibia can suffer from other problems. For example, I've made an extensive post about an interesting subject there and I got downvoted and even "flamed" because I mentioned someone who was a person that wasn't really popular at all there (but the post wasn't about that person directly, I don't even interact with the person mentioned, although it was proved that this person probably did something questionable on this subject that I pointed out on my thread)... So the thing is that here on TibiaQA we want to create a community where questions & answers are more relevant rather than popularity/internet or game prestige/Tibia.com boards quarrels. It is a hard task since Tibia doesn't show huge amount of active players, but we will try our best...
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While I completely agree that there's not enough voting on TibiaQA yet, it's also important to understand that not every topic that is well-received and desired on Reddit is also good for this site. TibiaQA values smaller, well-researched and clearly asked questions over extensive guides. Comparing a TibiaQA question to a Reddit topic doesn't really make sense due to the differences between the two.
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It was just an example to try to make all of you understand the point im trying to show.
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The community just need to understand that u don't have to bring an almanac as answer. Everyone try to help as much as they can, some ppl stay all day long in front of the computer while others spend few hours per week, but everybody can help the TibiaQA community, on their own way.
Problem I see is that ppl just earn points, but don't like to give to the others, I don't know what they have in mind. I use to give upvote to everyone that answer in a good way, even if little.