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Hello guys, I'd like to knoe if is possible to make question as polls. For example, I'd like to ask if player prefer quests like POI and Inquisition, or the current format with lots of bosses?

If it's not possible, what u think to launch that?

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It could fit in the website since a Poll is based on a Question, so I think its good idea.
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It's currently not possible and I'd say the priority of this is rather low, since I believe polls would only be valid for opinion-based questions.
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I agree with the priority of the surveys, but I think it is valid to think about doing them with limited answers and complementing in the comments, you would have a volume of those who agree with something and those who don't, can even be used to improve the site.
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Opinion-based questions are also important - not to mention that they are quite recurring when it comes to an MMORPG.

Trivia questions such as "where to get the best exp / h", "where to get the best profits", or "what is the best method for getting a particular item" have a high subjectivity burden on the answers.

They are therefore answers based on the opinion of each player, according to their experience.

So the introduction of Poll seems like an important addition to the site.