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We all know that advertising trade for real-world money is illegal according to Tibia rules and fansites must enforce them as well.

However, when speaking about sum like 25k TC, it's hard to argue that real-world money are not involved. Especially, as there is an official conversion rate of about 1€/$ ~= 25TC (26.25 atm). I find it kind of disturbing having to perform the division every time. So, the question is:

Is it acceptable to use phrases like "[...] paid 25k TC (~1000$) for [...]"  on TibiaQA?

I would be grateful for an official recommendation regarding this case.
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I can't speak for ellotris but a good example without bringing real life currency would be: I paid x amount of TC worth x amount of gold to me its easier than checking my bank statements haha
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I agree. It would be better to avoid mentioning trades with real money, as Tibia Rules need to be followed on official fansites too.

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