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Hello community,

since the introduction of the contribution system where users can win Omniscient Owl, the activity on this site spiked. This helped the site get a lot of useful content, but at the same time, a lot of poorly constructed posts, duplicates and other content that goes against community guidelines were created.

In order to help the site keep high quality content only, we will be temporarily awarding bonus points to users that perform following helpful activites:

  • posting comments suggesting how a post can be improved
  • flagging inappropriate/duplicate posts (requires 150 reputation points)
  • retagging incorrectly tagged posts (requires 750 reputation points)

The number of bonus points will vary depending on how helpful the activity was, but we plan to keep it within 5 to 20 bonus reputation points per highly helpful activity. Please note that not every comment, flag and retag will be awarded points. Only those that have brought some value will be rewarded. For a start, we plan to reward about 2-3 activities per day, but this is only a rough number and will vary depending on how many users engage in help.

Thanks for your support!

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I'd say at more then hal this activity is only farm points considering the bunch os questions that do not help the community in nothing.
Before someone starts to cry here, just my opinion, try to be kind =D

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I have little question, whe you say 2-3 activities per day, its per user or all?

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2-3 in total - but as I stated, this is subject to change depending how many people engage in this
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Thanks a lot!.
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