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I see a lot old questions without any Best Answer selected, maybe is good idea if moderators can choose it. By example if the question have 6 months or more without any Best Answer.
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And anonymous questions without best answer selected?

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I wasn't sure if I should post it as a new question, so I decided to bump this one up.

Sometimes questions were asked by users who are currently inactive. With time people may add some new information, that make their answers better than already existing and nobody can change best answer since author is inactive. In this case moderators should have ability to do it manually.
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Good point! It would definitely be hurting our knowledge base if the best answer contained obsolete or clearly incorrect info.
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I am not sure about this to be honest. Should an answer be selected anyway, regardless you feel your question hasn't been satisfied? How can you tell if people forgot to select the best answer or if they believe no answer was good enough?

Selecting best answer gives points, so you could say its in people's best interest to select one (at least to those hoping to get the fansite item one day). Even more, it seems that sometimes people may select best answer too soon (just like when people queueing to take a plane are desperate to get inside, even if the plane is gonna depart at the same time anyway - jk :).

There is also this tool that brings back to top old questions; maybe it could bring to top questions without best answer chosen (if not already), and send a reminder email to its creator at the same time.

I do think however that your proposal could be applied to questions asked anonymously.
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Is not about if the user believe or not. The problem is there are some good answer enough to be the best but the user who ask just never entered again (6 months or 1 year). The moderators are the ideal to adjust this because in the most way the have enought knowledge to see it.
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I agree with what Trululu proposes, if a user posted a question and subsequently left TibiQA it is correct that the moderators choose the best answer and close that question. I believe that an absence of 5 months or more is enough to take for granted the absence of a user on the site. By leaving a question open for ever and ever, you can even generate other questions to be 'skipped' since your attention is diverted to engage in an old question.
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