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On the site there are a lot of questions asked anonymously that have no better answer selected. It may even be likely that users who asked these questions never enter the site again. Administrators should do something about these questions ... The best thing would be for them to come in and choose the best answer manually in anonymous questions.
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I was also thinking about that same issue some time ago. Interesting idea. We could have an "auto" best answer for anonymous questions for that case (i. e. if I answer an anonymous user and my answer gets +5 upvotes, this answer will be instantly selected as the best answer. If a new one gets more, it will be selected as the best one and mine shall be unselected automatically).

This way the community gonna decide always what is the best. Maybe it can be a viable choice :)

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The sole reason for "the best answer" is to give an opportunity to the player asking the question to select an answer that has helped them the most with their problem or question. The community can already decide which answers are correct and incorrect by voting. Why would they additionally also select the best answer?
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My argument was about anonymous questions, Ellotris. Of course, it is probably not feasible to determine if someone forgot to select a best answer of if they simply didn't find any answer suitable for their need.

But about anonymous question, I don't even know if a anonymous user can select a best answer at all.... Apparently there is zero anonymous question where the person who asked selected a best answer later. Thus, I've made in my mind a system where anonymous question would be encouraged to be answered, since now we would have a best answer to it. I would particulary not be inclined to answer a complex question if it was made by someone who can't or will not select any best answer at all, no matter how good they are.

Of course, we could adjust the amount of points received on this system. I also would like to see a special note telling that this best answer was picked by a system
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Agree 100%  its really nice option to the effort who give a good answer.
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Yes it is a very good idea. Searching the site I came across such questions. Unfortunately, anonymous is unlikely to choose the best answer.
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